10 Things To Ask Before You Hire a DJ

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Things To Ask Before You Hire a DJ to ensure your next party is a memorable one.

1. What do I get for my money? – No matter if your event is a small house warming party or a large scale wedding, ALWAYS find out exactly what you will get for your money. Your event deserves to be memorable and run smoothly, the last thing you want is an issue during the night that you by rights thought your DJ should be taking care of. And by hiring their service they should be in contact with you BY PHONE to fine tune your requirements well before your event.

2. How much experience does your DJ have? – Experience is essential when DJing, they have to know how to read the crowd and get a feel the dancefloor vibe. If some songs aren’t working then the DJ should know to change it to music that does work. Musical tastes are different for all ages: children, teenagers, 18-25s, 25-40s and upwards, Then there is also the different genres to take into account.

3. Why do DJ’s charge different prices? If you have done your homework before hiring a DJ you will notice there is a large range in pricing. You really do get what you pay for – the cheaper the price the more chance of your event ending up not-so-memorable; the DJ is hungover from the night before, running late to setup, not presentable, poor quality equipment, plays whatever he wants to play…. The higher the price usually means your DJ is professional, punctual, high quality equipment, presentable, pleasant to deal with and has credibility.

4. What lighting and equipment is included? – Be absolutely clear with your DJ before your special day as to what is included with your DJ package. Do they supply a wireless microphone for speeches? (A small detail BUT very important) How about just basic disco lighting to create the atmosphere? How about specific effects including smoke machine, strobe lights, bubble machine, black neons? Even basics like a DJ table to setup on? Be clear with your DJ about what is supplied by them.

5. Does your DJ have credibility? – Do your homework and find out where they have DJed before, look for comments/ reviews and posts on their website and Facebook page from previous happy clients. How long have they been DJing for ?? There are bedroom DJs everywhere but until they have played in front of more people than just fit into their bedroom, they haven’t earnt credibility yet. The more years experience your DJ has, the safer you can feel that your event will be a success.

6. What music will be played? – Here is a news flash that honestly most people didn’t know – DJs ARE EMPLOYED TO SERVE YOU !!! So what ever music you want to hear for your event the DJ should play, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You have hired them for the night and forked out $100’s to hear what you want to hear, not what THE DJ wants to hear….. Customer Satisfaction should be a DJs number 1 priority. If they don’t offer this then you need to keep looking.

7. Can I give you a list of music to be played? – Following the previous point, it is your party, your professional DJ will be open to playing YOUR specific songs/genres. Certain songs can absolutely go off on the dancefloor, BUT on the other hand there are certain songs that will just not go down so well, we have all heard them played and the dancefloor clears as if the fire alarm went off. If YOU DONT WANT certain songs played be sure to tell your DJ !

8. What happens with setting up times and clearing? – Your event starting on time is crucial ! When your guests arrive music is MANDATORY to set the party scene ! The last thing you want is guests arriving and your DJ is still setting up. The professional DJ will be setup at least 30-60mins prior to your guests arriving. Some locations are a bit more time consuming to setup so please let your DJ know in advance.

9. Can you hold a specific date for me? – Some parties you can plan with just a few weeks notice, others like weddings can be aimed at 12-18months in the future. If your DJ is a professional they will have some sort of diary system in place to be able to reserve your specific date. Once again make sure you do your homework to see your DJ has been around for many years and they are not just going to Quit right before your event without telling you. A Deposit is a sure way to ensure that date is locked away for you. Please insist you get an invoice/receipt for any transactions and have all their contact details on hand.

10.Does the DJ use quality equipment? – Once again you have the right to expect the best from your DJ. There is no bigger party pooper than equipment that fails right in the middle of your party so be sure to enquire about the quality of the equipment.

So if these 10 points seem valid to you when you are looking to hire a DJ for any type of party or a wedding DJ hire in Brisbane, you can be sure Platinum Parties goes above and beyond the call of duty to make your event a memorable one

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