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Are you insured?
Yes we have public liability insurance and covered for up to $5 million in damages.

Does the DJ setup equipment during the hours we have paid for?
No. We arrive 1 – 1.5 hours early and setup with time to spare.  Then we pack up after the agreed finishing time, leaving you with the maximum amount of party hours possible.

Can we choose the disco lighting and party enhancements?
Yes you can. We have a great selection of lighting and smoke machines available.  We also have a video projector and 6 foot wide portable screen for showing your own videos and photos.  Or we can supply music videos to extreme sport DVDs.  Details can be found on our equipment page.

Do you do outdoor events?
Yes. We do however insist on secure over head cover just incase of rain.  Please let us know prior if you are planning an outdoor event.

Will the DJ be dressed appropriately?
Yes. Formal attire for weddings and neat casual for all other celebrations.  If you have a themed party please advise us of the theme and we will make every attempt to meet your expectations.

What do we need to supply the DJ?
All we need from you is a power point within 100 feet.  We bring extension cords, table, music and lighting equipment.

Can we meet up to discuss music for the event?
Yes we can. Please let us know well before your event and we will try to make arrangements to meet in person where possible.

Will the DJ play music we want to hear?
Yes, our DJs are very versatile.  We have an extensive collection of 70s, 80s, 90s, retro, rock, top 40, hip hop and techno.  For specific music tastes you may bring your own CDs and the DJ will happily play them.

Can the DJ MC our event?
The DJ can make announcements for parties. Wedding are a very personal affair, therefore we recommend a family member or friend of the bride and groom to be the Master of Ceremonies.  They will be able to interact with guests much more effectively than an outsider DJ. However, the DJ can MC weddings if needed.

Can you help with wedding ceremony music?
Yes. For those picturesque rose garden and scenic weddings set away from the convenience of power sockets, we offer portable music solutions.  Ask us for more details when enquiring.

Does the DJ require a meal?
Weddings are a lengthy celebration so if you are able to supply the DJ with a meal it would be greatly appreciated.  As the DJ is constantly on the job, a table seat is not required.  For other parties with a duration of 5hrs or more, we are grateful for your hospitality.

Do you require a deposit?
To ensure we can secure that date for you and have everything ready in time for your event, yes we do ask for a 50% deposit when booking.

What payment methods do you prefer?
We accept cash, internet transfer and paypal.  Cheques must be with prior arrangement.  Tax Invoices can be supplied on request.

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